Earning with Web Scraping and AI 

Grass.io is a project creating a buzz in the crypto space, particularly with its focus on decentralized web scraping and AI-powered data transformation. But what about the Grass.io token (GRASS)? While not officially launched yet, here’s a comprehensive guide on what we know so far:

What is Grass.io?

Grass.io is building a decentralized web scraping network that aims to transform publicly available web data into valuable AI datasets. By leveraging user bandwidth, Grass.io facilitates data collection while ensuring user privacy.

The Grass.io Token (GRASS): Earning Potential

While the GRASS token isn’t live yet, the project has confirmed its future launch. This has led to speculation about its potential utilities:

  • Governance: GRASS could be used for voting on proposals that shape the future of the Grass.io network.
  • Reward System: Users who participate in the network (by running the Grass.io extension) might be able to convert their earned points into GRASS tokens.
  • Access to Services: The token could potentially grant access to premium features within the Grass.io ecosystem.

Current Grass.io Earning System (Pre-Token Launch)

Grass.io currently offers a points system. Users can earn points by:

  • Signing up and installing the Grass.io extension.
  • Browsing the internet with the extension running.
  • Referring friends to the platform (multi-tier referral program).

Important Notes:

  • There is no official confirmation on how points will be converted to GRASS tokens (or if they will be at all).
  • Earning potential through points might change upon the token launch.

Grass.io: Backed by Industry Leaders

Grass.io has garnered significant attention, having secured $4.5 million in funding from prominent venture capitalists like Polychain Capital and Tribe Capital. This indicates strong belief in the project’s potential.

The Future of Grass.io and the GRASS Token

With its innovative approach to data collection and strong backing, Grass.io is a project to watch. The launch of the GRASS token and its functionalities will be a major milestone. Here are some aspects to keep an eye on:

  • Official token launch date and details.
  • Specific utilities of the GRASS token.
  • How the points system integrates with the token (if applicable).


This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. Always conduct your own research before making any investment decisions.

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